Noise pollution is getting a bigger issues in many cities around the world. Geonoise Asia has a low cost solution to solve noise monitoring in (developing) countries.

The main sound source for city noise pollution will be traffic noise, but of course also noise coming from outdoor activities, night-life, industries and aircraft / airports.

The solution is to setup a low cost noise monitoring network that enables autonomous and continuous monitoring of the noise levels in a city, uniterrupted 24hours per day, 365 days per year.

Live sound levels can be displayed on a website, alarms, if sound levels exceed certain threshold levels, will be sent automatically to email or SMS, Research has proven that if people that undergo nuisance due to high noise levels (equivalent or peak levels) will be more at ease if they can assess the real-time noise values in their neighbourhood and confirm that indeed there were excesses in the noise levels.

Geonoise’ solution comprises a low cost remote noise monitoring meters, compact, wireless, IP65, weather and dust proof. Powered by internal battery, power outlet or small and handy solar panel. Data will be stored on the meter if for any reason no connection can be made with our servers, once connection gets back, all data will be uploaded. The units are maintenance free.

The sensors complies with the precision requirements of IEC61672-2002 Type I hence there will be no difference with legacy noise monitoring terminals that are bulky and very expensive (also in maintenance).

The sensors have a low noise floor of around 30 dB(A), recording resolution 0.1 dB, minimum log interval 125 ms.

Low cost noise monitoring sensor

Dimensions 19 x 42 x 160 mm, weight 100 grams.

If no realtime data is required there is also an offline version available, data can be retrieved via USB.

Management of Noise Pollution:

  • Evaluation of noise exposure
  • Live data available to inhabitants
  • Locate high noise areas so it will be easy to mitigate
  • Enforce noise regulations easier
  • Very easy to move the low-cost noise registration censors, user-friendly for the long term and short term noise monitoring
  • Powerful back-end with easy to set up alarms, reporting etc.

Download the datasheet for our low-cost noise monitoring sensors.

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