Event Noise Nuisance Monitoring Asia

Noise management programs at events and entertainment venues focus on meeting licensing conditions, minimizing disturbance to communities and protecting workers from prolonged exposure to high noise levels.

Our monitoring solutions can measure sound levels inside or outside venues, reporting any limit breaches for compliance or health and safety.

Our secure online platform can share information with colleagues or compliance checks with licensing authorities and local communities.

Geonoise Asia noise monitoring solution

We work very closely with our customers to help them register the sound level data they require and turn it into the information they need i.e. by automatic reporting.

When it comes to entertainment noise like outdoor events or noise in bars, pubs, discotheques, we can supply solutions that allow professionals from local authorities and event companies to manage entertainment noise without dedicating extensive resources to the task.

We understand the requirements of venue operators, event management companies, and licensing authorities. We provide the instrumentation and tools to measure and control sound levels, so that noise is not the main event.

Continues live, online noise monitoring with easy to setup alarm triggering and reporting. Depending on the options we can offer fully-fledged noise monitoring systems or mems based (lower cost) noise monitoring systems.

Also for large scale noise monitoring, we have special offline Class 1 loggers with standard battery autonomy of 1 week which can be extended with battery packs or solar cells.

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