Noise nuisance management can be a complicated issue, no matter what role you play in the process.

Our noise measurement solutions with cloud-based software are designed to make monitoring and analysis of noise emissions easier and far less time-consuming.

Our noise monitoring solutions take care of the noise measurements and uploading it to the cloud, letting you focus your time and resources on running your project. From small scale sites to managing environmental noise for an entire city, we can build a solution that will work for you.


Geonoise Asia noise monitoring solution for Environmental noise

Our measurement and reporting systems are designed to monitor noise levels on both short and long-term projects.

We simplify your measurement tasks by providing equipment that takes the manual work away from environmental noise monitoring.

Fully automated noise monitoring for environmental noise, just install it once, set it up and it will keep running by itself and provide you with automated reports as per your requirements. Alarms can be set with a variety of triggers.

Noise monitoring systems start with just 1 noise measuring point but can be as big as a whole city, all integrated with just 1 login and a very easy to use backend system.

We can let you run the system or you can outsource it to us.

Continues live, online noise monitoring with easy to setup alarm triggering and reporting. Depending on the options we can offer fully-fledged noise monitoring systems or mems based (lower cost) noise monitoring systems.

Also for large scale noise monitoring, we have special offline Class 1 loggers with standard battery autonomy of 1 week which can be extended with battery packs or solar cells, both with online and offline systems.

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