The EM2030 is a fully automated, remote sound level monitor.

The unit is designed for simple operation and reliability in tough environments. The EM2030 is the latest in our series of automated noise monitoring systems. With an extended measurement range and automatic audio capture options, the EM2030 provides a reliable measurement system for all environmental and industrial applications.

Fully Automated Operation Save time and costs

  • Email / SMS Alerts Live noise control 
  • Low Power Option Extend battery life and tackle any application
  • Capture Audio Samples Easily identify noise sources
  • Simple Field Operation Save time and costs
  • Remote Performance Alerts Live noise control

The EM2030 is intended for use in situations where you need reliable measurements with the minimum amount of effort. Just switch on the power to start monitoring and all readings will automatically be uploaded to our online reporting system. The EM2030 kit consists of a rugged measurement unit, weatherproof outdoor microphone, a microphone mounting stand and cable and a mains power supply. System set up and configuration is over Wi-Fi link and can be done with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is ideal for applications where access or safety are an issue, such as construction sites, industrial or roadside installations.

EM2030 Noise Monitoring station

Autonomous Noise Monitoring Station with Solar Panel

The EM2030 is supported by our powerful online analysis and reporting system which lets you access your sound level readings from anywhere. Take a look at our sound level monitoring applications pages for details of how the EM2030 can be relevant to your project and some examples of installations.

EM2030 Datasheet