Noise monitoring Asia

Geonoise Asia is representing 2 very powerful noise monitoring manufacturers, Sonitus noise monitoring and Convergence instruments. Geonoise Asia is taking care for sales, support, and marketing for the Asian noise monitoring market with local offices in Bangkok Thailand, Singapore, Jakarta Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.

We keep a vast stock of the products, therefore, we guarantee to deliver on the spot


Sonitus Noise Monitoring Systems

Sonitus Systems for noise monitoring provide user-friendly and reliable noise monitoring systems.

Founded in 2007 to provide cost-effective noise monitoring instrumentation to regulatory authorities, the company has expanded and evolved allowing us to offer a full range of noise management services.

Our team have extensive expertise spanning engineering, product development, wireless sensor networking, acoustics, and environmental noise management and are ideally equipped to develop innovative new solutions for measuring noise emissions.

SpotNoise Residential and SpotNoise Consulting noise monitoring

SpotNoise is dedicated only to Sheer Noise Monitoring and they have 2 monitors.

SpotNoise Residential, an IP65 mini-unit with class 2 precision, triggered audio recording, L10 and L90, email/messenger notifications for exceeded levels

SpotNoise Consulting, class 1 precision, fully fledged noise monitor, triggered audio recording, 5 Lxx values, 1/1 and 1/3 octave values, email/messenger notifications for exceeded levels, automated daily reports etc.

Convergence Instruments noise and vibration monitoring products

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Bruno Paillard, Convergence Instruments is a global designer and producer of affordable, high-performance solutions for data acquisition and analysis. We design and manufacture small but powerful data loggers with embedded acoustic measurement and vibration measurement capabilities for both the consumer market and a wide variety of commercial/professional OEM markets.

All current Convergence Instruments’ data logging instruments have LabVIEWTM drivers and/or data management/analysis software available for download free of charge.

In addition to the data loggers shown here on our website, we also offer design of custom instruments for specific individual customer needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a special requirement that is not covered by our standard designs or not available elsewhere on the market. We thrive on finding solutions to difficult challenges.